Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Bracketology

Even with Louisville winning Big East last night, Cody Zeller and Indiana appear to have dunked their way to No. 1 overall seed with a stronger body of work.  (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune)

We had meant to put together some crazy attempt at a bracket last weekend, but the MAAC Tournament pushed it to the back burner, and were again unable to last night following Louisville's Big East championship victory over Syracuse.  Nonetheless, with less than an hour before the field of 68 is announced, here's our annual attempt to come off among the experts before Selection Sunday's climax: (Conference champions are listed in bold)

Midwest Regional (Indianapolis)
1) Indiana vs. 16) Liberty/North Carolina A&T
8) Pittsburgh vs. 9) Missouri
5) UCLA vs. 12) Maryland/Saint Mary's
4) Saint Louis vs. 13) Davidson
6) Notre Dame vs. 11) San Diego State
3) Michigan State vs. 14) Pacific
7) Creighton vs. 10) Temple
2) Miami vs. 15) Montana

East Regional (Washington, DC)
1) Louisville vs. 16) Western Kentucky/James Madison
8) Illinois vs. 9) Cincinnati
5) VCU vs. 12) Middle Tennessee State
4) Kansas State vs. 13) South Dakota State
6) UNLV vs. 11) Mississippi
3) Georgetown vs. 14) Valparaiso
7) Butler vs. 10) Colorado
2) Ohio State vs. 15) Florida Gulf Coast

South Regional (Arlington, Tex.)
1) Kansas vs. 16) Southern
8) North Carolina State vs. 9) Wichita State
5) Marquette vs. 12) Bucknell
4) Wisconsin vs. 13) Akron
6) Oregon vs. 11) Oklahoma/La Salle
3) Florida vs. 14) New Mexico State

7) Memphis vs. 10) Iowa State
2) New Mexico vs. 15) Albany

West Regional (Los Angeles)
1) Gonzaga vs. 16) LIU Brooklyn
8) North Carolina vs. 9) Minnesota
5) Arizona vs. 12) Belmont
4) Syracuse vs. 13) Harvard
6) Oklahoma State vs. 11) California
3) Michigan vs. 14) Iona
7) Colorado State vs. 10) Villanova
2) Duke vs. 15) Northwestern State

Last Four In: Oklahoma, La Salle, Maryland, Saint Mary's
First Four Out: Massachusetts, Boise State, Tennessee, Kentucky
Next Four Out: Virginia, Iowa, Alabama, Arizona State

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