Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seton Hall 72, Saint Peter's 46: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

Newark, NJ -­ The game plan is discussed a great deal, usually in the aftermath of the contest. It is a strategic plan of action for a team. It is not trick plays, per se, designed to completely fool a stronger opponent. That’s not to say every coach does not have a few ‘pet’ plays designed for an element of surprise in a given situation. The game plan rather, is a broader approach.

It gets down to the philosophy of how you want to play on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. It is concerned with getting your players in the best positions possible, given the opposition strengths and weakness. A good game plan can be a game changer. There is no guarantee, though, as it all comes down to how well your team executes. Execution and altering the plan of action during the game often decide the outcome.

On Sunday, Saint Peter’s visited Seton Hall at the Prudential Center. John Dunne, the respected and successful mentor of the Peacocks, had a plan to stop the Seton Hall transition. Keeping the pace manageable, Dunne felt, would give his team its best chance to win.

Seton Hall won going away, 72­-46. The Pirates shot 53 percent from three-point range and forced the Peacocks into a long afternoon of struggles on the offensive end. Saint Peter’s shot 32 percent, and had a decidedly subpar offensive efficiency of 73.

Dunne’s plan was sound, but as noted, it gets down to execution. Not to be overlooked, Kevin Willard, the Seton Hall coach, had a plan of his own: Defend Saint Peter’s leading scorer Antwon Portley. The freshman scored two points on 1-of-8 shooting. For Willard and his group, mission, or should we say, game plan, accomplished.

Outside the Prudential Center on a balmy Sunday afternoon:
Pregame introductions under the lights for Seton Hall:
Officials Ed Corbett and Roger Ayers take a break during a timeout:
Seton Hall in the huddle during a timeout:
The view from the baseline:
Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard meets the media following the victory:

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