Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rutgers 71, Temple 66: Ray Floriani's Possession Evaluation

Myles Mack's efficiency propelled Rutgers to win over Temple in AAC opener. (Photo courtesy of Rutgers University)

Rutgers 71  Temple 66
Possession Evaluation 

For those of you scoring at home, yours truly did some possession charting on the Rutgers-Temple game from the RAC (really, Louis Brown Athletic Center) in the American Athletic Conference tipoff for both clubs.

Overall, the game was contested at a brisk 69-possession pace. Rutgers enjoyed the offensive efficiency edge 103-96, but lets look at each possession over the last three minutes. At that point, the score was knotted at 63. 

1.    Missed shot
One of two free throws
2.    Missed shot
Missed shot
3.    Field goal
Missed shot
4.    Missed shot
Missed shot
5.    Turnover
Missed shot
6.    Field goal plus free throw
Field goal
7.    Two free throws
Missed shot
8.    One of two free throws
Missed shot
Missed shot

    In those final three minutes the numbers are as follows:

        Points        Possessions        Offensive Efficiency
Rutgers    8            8                100
Temple    3            9                33

You can see by the numbers, Rutgers maintained an efficiency (or within three to be exact) they enjoyed for the game. The visiting Owls of Fran Dunphy struggled with a final three-minute efficiency of 63, below what they posted for the evening. In the end, that proved to be the difference. 

The last three minutes were crucial and proved the difference as Eddie Jordans Scarlet Knights posted a nice win on the first day of the year and first conference meeti ng as well. 

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