Friday, January 17, 2014

Fordham/Dayton: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

BRONX, NY --­ Conference play quickens the pulse, gets the heart racing and brings out the sweaty palms. It is another level from that of non­-league play. The conference makes no difference. As Wayne Szoke, the former Monmouth coach, once said so true and to the point, “the toughest conference is the one you are playing in.”

On Wednesday, Dayton visited Rose Hill for an Atlantic 10 meeting. The Ram faithful was out, as was the usual strong representation from Dayton. The Rams got off to a quick early lead. Dayton, showing their poise and experience, settled and stayed to their game plan.

The second half was property of the visitors, who continuously broke down the Fordham defense, and hopes of an upset, with penetration in the paint. The end saw an 80-­68 decision by the Flyers. A solid fifteen-point, fifteen-rebound effort by Fordham’s Ryan Rhoomes went for naught.

Dayton coach Archie Miller was not surprised his team got a battle. As Miller pointed out, winning at home in the Atlantic 10 is even a task these days.

Tom Pecora of Fordham was pleased with the competitive nature of his team, but still laments his young talent will have to mature. Up next is a road date with ranked Saint Louis.

That’s conference play. Demanding, and at times, unforgiving.

Entering the lobby at Rose Hill an hour prior to tipoff:
Dayton assistant coach Kevin Kuwik intently watches pregame warmups:
Archie Miller of Dayton surveys the action, encouraging his group:
The moves during the timeout belong to the Fordham dance team:
Intensity of the backcourt play during the second half:
Exiting Rose Hill...check the time. Love those 9 p.m. starts:

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