Sunday, February 22, 2015

Manhattan 69, Saint Peter's 66: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

Jersey City, NJ ­- Over the course of a conference season, many dynamics come into place. On this afternoon, it was the ’first four’ proving to be a game-changer. 

The Manhattan women trailed Saint Peter's at halftime by 11 in a MAAC game at th Yanitelli Center. After the break, Manhattan came out aggressively, ‘winning’ those first four minutes 12-4. The game was now a one-possession affair, and Manhattan clearly had the momentum. Ultimately, the Jaspers finished it out, earning a 69-­66 victory.

The clear-cut dominating of the first four, as noted before, does not guarantee a victory, but it is something coaches strive to achieve. Without debate, winning the first four is much better than coming up short over that juncture.

In the first half, Saint Peter's played with confidence on the offensive end. The second half saw a different team. While the Peacocks lost a little swagger, Manhattan had plenty of it. The score was knotted at 55 with four minutes remaining. Manhattan made the clutch plays to seal the verdict.

Conference play, especially in leagues when each member faces everyone home and home, lends a multitude of varying scenarios. As the games unfold, it is interesting to see the in game adjustments, how coaches manage time and score situations.

Entering the game were two teams, very young and short on experience, in the midst of long seasons. “Long’ on the won-­lost ledger. Once the ball went up, we saw both clubs playing hard with coaches working just as hard. Overall, a great way for any basketball purist to spend a snowy afternoon.

They can be pretty, but did we need another snow scene? On Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City:
Respective coaches John Olenowski of Manhattan and Pat Coyle of Saint Peter's, to the right of assistant Phyllis Mangina, in deep thought:
Nyasha Irizarry of Manhattan set to inbound:
The Manhattan team huddling with John Olenowski during a timeout:
Antonia Smith of Saint Peter's, greeted by the Jasper defense:
"To the victor belongs the spoils." Homemade cupcakes and brownies may not have been what Andrew Jackson had in mind, but they were fine with the victorious Jaspers:

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