Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEC Media Day: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

BROOKLYN, NY --­ On the media day circuit. Back to Barclays, tunnel traffic, the Howard Stern Show, (another outrageously funny 'presentation') and anticipation. The Northeast Conference event was being held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on this October morning. For a mid-­major conference, a venue of this magnitude adds status and credibility to the conference. Another plus with the NEC is the inclusion of both men’s and women’s coaches.

In many conferences, the men’s and women’s events are held separately. In the NEC, both get to share the spotlight. The conference also provides one player from each school from both the men’s and women’s programs.

The NEC format allows and encourages casual discussion among media, administrators, coaches and players. Tuesday’s session included ‘war stories’ of former official and NEC Officiating Supervisor Jack Sweeney. Also included was FDU’s Greg Herenda critiquing a New Jersey diner’s raising prices while sacrificing quality. Aside from the oft-’scripted’ quotes and responses, these interactions give added insight, and allow the media to establish a closer relationship with the program’s respective representatives.

The NEC media day includes video interviews and meetings with the print/internet media for the players and coaches. On paper, it can be a hectic schedule coordinating the activity. No one seems to mind. The conference and the membership are receiving better exposure. In the end, it all takes place at a showcase facility that can create excitement among those who simply enter its doors.

Approaching Barclays Center the morning of NEC Media Day. The VIP entrance (yes, that is ours today) is on the right:
A tradition at this event: The men's basketball coaches gather for a group shot:
A busy day for players as well, with Erika Livermore of FDU being interviewed before heading to the "formal" interview area:
Glenn Braica, coach of NEC favorite St. Francis Brooklyn, meets the media. The storefront of the mall across the street from Barclays can be seen in the background:
More interviews, as Lucky Jones of Robert Morris fields questions:
Looking north outside Barclays Center. Brooklyn is the proverbial "hustle and bustle" on a weekday afternoon:

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