Saturday, October 25, 2014

Schott On Jordan: Let Him Speak!

St. John's point guard Rysheed Jordan. (Photo courtesy of Jason Schott)

By Jason Schott of - Daly Dose of Hoops Contributor - @JESchott19

St. John's sophomore point guard Rysheed Jordan is once again being prevented from speaking to the media for varying, unclear reasons. Jordan did not speak to the media for his entire freshman season.
It is not certain who is instituting this ban, whether it's Athletic Director Chris Monasch, Head Coach Steve Lavin, or public relations personnel. One reason given for this is that he is focusing on his academics, which makes no sense because it's not like players are hitting the books in the locker room after a game. If players are in the interview room for five minutes, that's a long time. Talking to the media is part of the game, and should be included in the time devoted to the game. It's ironic that he can't talk to the media, but playing road games does not interfere with his studies?

It also invites speculation that there is something wrong with Jordan, which is very unfair to him. If they do not feel he has the best command of the English language and it would be embarrassing to the school to have him speak to the media, it shows the fallacy that these are "student athletes," that he is primarily there to play basketball.

It is in this writer's opinion that he should be allowed to speak to media, as any other player in college or professional sports is required to do. I cannot think of one instance where a team has made it a point to keep a player from the media.

The Big East Conference should step in and urge St. John's to end this practice. St. John's is basically the flagship team of the conference since they play home games at Madison Square Garden, the home of the tournament for 33 years, and it is not a positive thing for them to act this way towards media.

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