Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Kevin Willard quote book: Marquette

On Seton Hall's performance Wednesday night:
"I thought early in the game, we gave up too many straight-line drives, or kind of easy buckets. I thought we really just kind of got them in a rhythm, and then the run late in the second half -- we missed a couple of free throws and a couple of layups and (Markus) Howard hit two big threes -- I really thought that was kind of like really hard momentum killers."

On Jordan Walker's performance:
"Yeah, I thought Jordan did a good job. I went with Jordan instead of Eron just because Jordan's a little bit quicker trying to guard (Andrew) Rowsey and Howard a little bit, getting after them a little bit. I thought he did a really good job."

On difficulty in defending Howard, Rowsey, and Sam Hauser:
"Well, I think the biggest thing is you can't let all three of them get going, and when Hauser goes 4-for-6, Howard and Rowsey go 7-for-12, you just -- you're going to have a really hard time beating them. You can be okay with the two little guys scoring as long as you're doing a job on Hauser, and we lost Hauser three or four times. We gave him easy shots, and that's really the biggest difference with them is you can't let Hauser be a huge difference-maker. He's turned himself into a heck of a player."

On losing Marquette defensively:
"I thought we had a good prep day yesterday. We had a pretty good practice yesterday, but again, I thought we got scrambling because we got beat off dribble penetration a lot. When we get beat off dribble penetration, guys are going to step up and help -- you have to rotate down -- and they did a good job of finding guys."

On Seton Hall's free throw shooting:
"The tough thing is we've been shooting them somewhat decently for us. But we missed some big ones tonight, one-and-ones really hurt us. We had -- it's something we work on and we're practicing -- but it becomes a little bit of a mental thing when we miss a couple."

On Angel Delgado in the second half:
"They've been doing a really good job of bringing two guys on him. And again, when you're taking the ball out of the net constantly because we couldn't get stops, it really gives them a chance to set up their defense. Hauser was really smart at times on his doubles, so they did an overall good job on him."

On Ismael Sanogo's three-point shot:
"It's a nice dimension, but he's just got to learn when to take them. He took two early in the first half off one pass, and he's got to learn a little bit -- because he does work hard on it and we do have confidence in it -- but he's got to learn a little bit when to take it and be a little bit better just being a little bit more patient at times; because when he's patient, he makes it, but when he kind of rushes it, that's where he struggles a little bit."

On Seton Hall's mindset approaching the stretch run of the regular season:
"We understand where we are. That's a tough loss, but we've got to go on the road now and fight like we did last year, something we did a good job of last year, scrapping and fighting our way back, and now we have to go on the road and do the same thing."

On playing small in the second half, and whether that will be a common look:
"No, that was just something that, because their pick-and-rolls were hurting us so much, we wanted to try and get some energy and try and be a little bit more aggressive with Rowsey and Howard coming off the pick-and-rolls, and just try to be a little bit more aggressive than we are. That's not something we'll do going forward, though."

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