Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kevin Willard quote book: Big East conference call

On Wednesday’s loss to Marquette and Saturday’s matchup at Georgetown:
“Yeah, we’re obviously disappointed with the game last night. I thought Marquette came in really well. I was really impressed with how well (Markus) Howard played, he just made big shot after big shot. Now we have to regroup and refocus, and go down and play Georgetown, who I think is playing as good of defense as anybody in the league right now. I’m really impressed with their young kids, how well they’re playing, and obviously Jessie (Govan) and (Marcus) Derrickson are the two guys inside who are as good as anybody in the league, so we’ve got to regroup and get ready for another tough battle down at Georgetown.”
On rebounding and what needs to happen for a turnaround on the boards:
“Right now, we’re just – I think it’s our biggest problem – is that the little things are really hurting us, and it’s stopping us from going on runs or being able to sustain a run. We’re just not doing a collective good job of boxing out, and it’s not just one guy. Angel’s still being Angel and giving us everything he can get, but we really need a better collective effort from the other four guys of really trying to help him out.”
On Jordan Walker:
“I was really happy with the way Jordan – he had practiced really good for the last couple days. He’s starting to understand what he needs to do when he gets on the floor, and I really loved his energy. I thought he picked us up tremendously in that first half and even in the second half, so as long as he continues to stay focused and understands what he’s got to do when he gets on the floor, I like what I see out of him.”
On the Big East Conference since its reconfiguration:
“I think the league’s phenomenal. I just think it’s a league that is producing really good veteran players – you look at Kelan Martin, Trevon Bluiett, J.P. Macura, (Jalen) Brunson as a junior, my guys – I just think it’s a league that’s extremely well-coached, and the fact that it has really good veteran players, it’s just an extremely high quality of basketball.”
On player continuity being unusual with regard to one-and-done players:
“I think it’s – I don’t know if I look at it that way – I just think the league’s really good because I think a lot of people like to look at the freshmen, the one-and-dones, and talk about them and say how great they are. I don’t think enough of the media really gets to focus on how good some of these older guys are and how much they produce and what they’ve brought, and I think as the league continues to grow and get older, and the players continue to come through the programs, I think it’s just going to get better and better and the players are going to get more recognition as they move forward.”
On Seton Hall’s guards against Marquette:
“I don’t want to sound like a wise guy, but we didn’t do a very good job against their guards. Howard had 32 and only missed three shots. I don’t mean to be – we just didn’t do a very good job against their guards, so I don’t want to sound like I’m being negative or anything. It’s just that we didn’t do a good job against them. I thought last night, for the most part – Desi and Khadeen – I thought we did a good job at times of, against their pick-and-roll defense, hitting the roll guy, coming back, hitting a re-screen and getting the ball inside-out.”
On support for Angel Delgado against double-teams:
“I think the biggest thing – with the double-teams – I think Angel’s done a phenomenal job of really picking apart defenses at times. He’s finding shooters, I think he’s become an elite passer from the post. Rebounding-wise, it just can’t be Ish or Mike. I think Mike’s done a pretty good job rebounding the basketball, but collectively as a group, we’ve really got to try to do a much better job of helping the big fella on both ends of the glass.”

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