Friday, January 20, 2017

Saint Peter's 77, Siena 65: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

JERSEY CITY, NJ - To a visitor unaware of the situation, this would be assumed to be a game with a championship of some sort weighing in the balance.

The truth of the matter, it was another night in conference play, with Siena and Saint Peter’s going at it at the Yanitelli Center. For visiting Siena, Yanitelli has not been an easy place to play in recent years. No problem. That is the past. The present saw two good MAAC teams looking to gain an edge in conference race.

This game had all the ingredients of a title game. Intensity on the part of both teams. Good defense. Runs and answers to those runs. Notable individual efforts. A team getting down by double digits and refusing to fold by making several comebacks, not to mention a little questioning of the decisions on the part of the officials. Yes, it was all there on this night.
The final result saw Saint Peter’s emerge a 77-65 winner in this one. Hard-fought and well-deserved, the victory could not be savored too long by coach John Dunne, who had less than 48 hours until the next game. For Jimmy Patsos and Siena, an extra day of rest before they visit Manhattan on Sunday.

Little time for respite or resting on laurels, but that is the essence of conference play. You battle for 40 minutes, sometimes longer, then another challenge is staring you down. On this night, the game from intensity and competitiveness gave the impression something major was at stake. In the end, it was a chance to gain a league victory and move up in the pecking order. Games of this nature are the norm, especially in the MAAC.

Siena's Evan Fisher on the attack off a pass and cut from Brett Bisping:
Antwon Portley sizes up the Siena defense:
Friend of the site David Freeman, hard at work handling talent stats for ESPN's Doug Sherman:
Siena coach Jimmy Patsos in a meeting of the minds:
Trevis Wyche in control of a late possession for Saint Peter's:
Saint Peter's head coach John Dunne discusses his latest victory with Rob Kennedy postgame:

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