Sunday, January 15, 2017

Canisius 59, Saint Peter's 54: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

JERSEY CITY, NJ - There are certain tenets and truths that are universally accepted as part of the game’s foundation. There may be debates on how important they are, but there is no question regarding their presence. Curiously, they seem to surface or be mentioned more as conference play is in vogue.
On Friday night, Canisius defeated Saint Peter’s, 59-54, in a MAAC women’s meeting at the Yanitelli Center. One of the themes of this one is you are given no style points. Even Canisius coach Terry Zeh would be first to admit both teams did not play their best. In a 64-possession grinder of a matchup with shooting percentages under 50 percent and assists almost one half the total of turnovers, Canisius was able to make the plays that were needed to get the victory. Not artistic, but put it in the visitors’ win column.
We also were reinforced regarding the coaching principle of getting off to a good start, preferably in the first four minutes of the second half. Canisius trailed by six at halftime. The Griffs came out and outscored Saint Peter’s 9-6 those first four minutes. The home team still had a one-possession lead, but the message was sent loud and clear. The Canisius offense was running, and given the showing those first four minutes, they were able to build on that momentum.
These are not the only principles you can elaborate on in a game. There are many that can come into play and too lengthy to be touched on here. This remains the very reason the game itself is so intriguing and interesting for us to study.

Terry Zeh huddles with his Canisius staff during a timeout:
Canisius on the offensive attack:
Saint Peter's head coach Pat Coyle assesses the situation:
Janelle Mullen sets up the Saint Peter's offense:
Saint Peter's in the defensive stance:
Canisius players at center court during a late free throw:
The victorious Golden Griffins huddle after a hard-fought win:

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