Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fordham 69, VCU 67: Quotes From Will Wade

Opening statement:
"Tough loss. Anderson made a great play at the end of the game. We fought back, but we just dug ourselves too big a hole in the first half."

On what Fordham did that may have caught VCU off guard:
"We thought they were going to come out maybe a little bit more aggressive defensively. We prepared for them to be aggressive, and they started off playing off some of our guys and sitting way back. We changed our offense at halftime and that helped us a little bit, but it was too little, too late."

On Justin Tillman and his growth this season:
"He does a good job down there on the baseline, and our guys look for him because they know he finishes down there, and he did a nice job."

On last possession of overtime:
"We wanted to make Anderson go right, and we let him get back to his left hand. We talked about making him go right all day through scouting, and we let him get back to his left hand, where he can get that comfort dribble and get that shot."

On changing the offense in the second half:
"We just had to spread ourselves out more so we could give our guys more room to drive in there."

On recording only six offensive rebounds for the game:
"It's really disappointing, yeah. They beat us on the glass, which is disappointing. We're a good rebounding team, and we didn't rebound the ball well tonight."

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