Saturday, December 10, 2016

Manhattan 60, Fordham 53: Quotes From Jeff Neubauer

Opening statement:
"First of all, Manhattan certainly just deserved to win this game. Their level of toughness in the second part of the second half, they were a very tough-minded team, and I did tell our team in the locker room after the game that defensively, our guys did what was asked of them. Our defense was good enough to win the game, but we certainly were having major struggles offensively. I really thought this game would be good for our team simply because we knew what defense was coming. We had a feel for what we had to do, but we were not able to convert against their defense, so I definitely give Manhattan credit and they were easily the tougher team for the second half of the second half."

On Manhattan holding Fordham to eight field goals over the final 29 minutes:
"Well, the biggest adjustment they made is somehow, they didn't foul us. They are fouling more than any team in the country, they're 351 out of 351 and for us to only shoot 20 free throws, that's the difference in this game and every other game Manhattan's played this season."

On Fordham's offense in the second half versus the first half:
"We really tried to attack them at the rim. We thought going into this game that that's the best way to attack them. Unfortunately in those situations, our players were not able to score against their bigger players."

On Joseph Chartouny and his production since returning to the lineup:
"If you look at the last four games, meaning the two that he didn't play and now these last two, that's a big part of where our offense has gone. He really has struggled, and we have all the confidence in the world in him. He is going to be a great player, but he certainly is struggling in these last couple since he's come back."

On the rivalry with Manhattan:

"That's what I wanted to mention first. I tip my hat to the Manhattan crowd. We played this game last year in Rose Hill Gym and there was no one there, and so this year; obviously Marianne Reilly worked with us over at Fordham, and she has done a terrific job, because that crowd was outstanding."

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  1. I think it has more to do with the Rams offense than Manhattan's defense. Manhattan gives up over 80 points per game and is a turnover machine out of control. Fordham just can't score.