Monday, December 5, 2016

Binghamton 80, FDU 69: Tempo-Free Recap

Binghamton's Jasmine Sina initiating offense against FDU. (Photo by Ray Floriani/Daly Dose Of Hoops)

TEANECK, NJ - The first half ended with Binghamton trailing 50-35. FDU was running on all cylinders with a good lead at home. In the Binghamton locker room, Jasmine Sina told coach   Linda Cimino: “Don’t worry, coach. We got this. We are winning this game.”

Inspiration, motivation and good, old-fashioned execution saw Binghamton turn it around in the final twenty minutes. The Bearcats exited Rothman Center on Friday victorious, 80-69, to improve to 2-5. FDU lost its third straight, falling to 2-5. The numbers of note:

Possessions: Binghamton 84, FDU 83
Offensive efficiency: Binghamton, FDU 83

Four Factors:
eFG%:  Binghamton 56, FDU 46
Free Throw Rate: Binghamton 43, FDU 33
Offensive Rebound%: Binghamton 19, FDU 27
Turnover Rate: Binghamton 27, FDU 27

Leading scorers and EF:
Binghamton - Imani Watkins 25 points, EF 38 (1.00 per minute)
FDU - Kiana Brown 18 points, EF 28

What Binghamton did well: Stay focused and poised after FDU’s first half domination.

What FDU did well: Play outstanding basketball the first twenty minutes to take what appeared to be a commanding lead.

FDU scored 19 second half points. Most glaring was a three-point fourth quarter (Binghamton outscored them 22-3) where the Knights had twice as many turnovers (seven) as points.

Tale of two halves:
First half offensive efficiency: FDU 116, Binghamton 78
Second half offensive efficiency: Binghamton 115, FDU 48
Binghamton’s offense improved dramatically, but it was a case of the defense coming through, limiting FDU transition and forcing turnovers. Binghamton knocked down five threes in the second half. The Bearcat strength was tough inside, as they held a 36-24 edge in points in the paint. Turnovers again reared their ugly head for FDU. Both coaches lamented their respective teams turning the ball over too much. FDU actually held a 17-16 lead in points off turnovers. The second half saw Binghamton do a better job caring for the ball while the Knights saw a number of possessions wasted due to turning the ball over.

In a loss to Air Force the previous Saturday, FDU’s turnover rate was 34 percent. Two nights later in a one-sided setback at Army, the rate was 27 percent. Undoubtedly, the turnover situation is acute and needs remedy as soon as possible.

In the first half on Friday, Binghamton had a 31 percent turnover rate, FDU’s was at 20 percent. The second half saw Binghamton improve to 23 percent, still too high but better than the first. Those last two quarters, FDU self-destructed with a 33 percent turnover rate, or a turnover every three possessions.

Former FDU standout Erika Livermore was in attendance. She is hoping to play overseas soon. “I missed a few opportunities this summer,” Livermore said. “I contacted my agent and said I want to go and play now, I miss it so bad.” Livermore said she received a text from another former FDU star, Kelsey Cruz. Like Livermore, a graduate from last spring, Cruz wants to get back in action. “I told her I would put her in touch with my agent,” Livermore said. “Kelsey misses it as well.”

Cimino, an Adelphi alum, played for Kim Barnes Arico. Last year, Binghamton played Michigan at Ann Arbor. The teacher emerged victorious, as the Wolverines triumphed 90-62. Cimino said it was the first time Barnes Arico faced a former player on the sidelines. The Binghamton mentor did a nice job second half alternating Sina at the point and two guard. In the off guard position, she often cut through to the left corner, establishing herself as a three-point threat.  Sina finished with 13 points, as she canned three treys on the night.

Final thoughts:
“We never gave up. We zoned the first half and went to man the second, which was more effective. At halftime, the coaches were very calm and stressed what we had to do, mainly defend and stop their transition.” - Binghamton guard Jasmine Sina

“By far the best half we had this year. Fifty points in the first half. We moved and shared the ball. Second half, you have to give Binghamton a lot of credit. They came at us and really shut us down the fourth quarter. Depth was a factor. I didn’t go to the bench as much as I probably needed to. Beside that, it came down to taking care of the ball, something we must do better, as we are committed to the running and thre- point shooting game.” - FDU coach Pete Cinella

“At the half, we talked about defending to get back it in. We gave up fifty points at the half and sometimes we do not do that for a game. We wanted to slow them down and protect the rim. Our mood at the half was good. No yelling or cursing. I have changed my approach in coaching over the years.” - Binghamton coach Linda Cimino

“She is a co-captain as a redshirt sophomore, which tells you about her leadership. She is an incredible person as well as a talented player. Coming up to me assuring a win at halftime speaks volumes of her leadership.” - Cimino on Jasmine Sina  

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