Monday, December 5, 2016

Binghamton 80, FDU 69: Ray Floriani's Photo Essay

TEANECK, NJ - The time-worn cliche tells us the game is two halves. Forty minutes in duration.

There are times we may lose sight of that then a reminder comes in a rather eventful way. That is what happened last Friday at Fairleigh Dickinson.
For one half, all was right with the FDU women. Despite having lost their last two, the Knights were getting out in transition, converting at the offensive end and playing outstanding basketball. Your basic highlight-reel half.
Following intermission, that 50-35 lead soon evaporated. Visiting Binghamton, realizing the game was far from over, dug in. The Bearcats quickly started the third quarter by canning a few quick threes to get the deficit manageable. Eventually, they were able to overtake the Knights and claim an 80-69 road victory. The defense was a primary factor, as they held FDU to 19 second-half points, including just three the final quarter.
Beyond that, Binghamton was able to establish a winning foundation at halftime. Staying poised and collected, the Bearcats plotted a strategy to get back in the contest and put themselves in a position to win, which they did. It all came down to the stark realization that the game is a full forty minutes. No awards or the like are given for a halftime lead. Binghamton not only realized this, but used it as their incentive to a road win in most impressive fashion.

FDU on the attack:
Postgame coaching interviews are the norm on radio, but here, Binghamton coach Linda Cimino does one at halftime:
Binghamton guard Jasmine Sina on the move:
FDU coach Pete Cinella on the sidelines:
FDU attempting a mid-range jumper in the lane:
Binghamton huddling during a late timeout:
Following the game, the Knights had a mandatory shooting session to finish the evening:

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