Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dayton 64, Fordham 50: Quotes From Jeff Neubauer

Fordham head coach Jeff Neubauer's opening statement:
"Dayton scored 22 points on us in the first half in transition, and in my opinion, that was the difference in the game. I loved our halfcourt defense in both halves. Both defenses, both man-to-man and zone were terrific, and I told our team that in the locker room after the game. We certainly understood that we couldn't give up transition points to Dayton, and to give up 22 in the first half is a major problem. Also, a lot of it came off our turnovers. Dayton had nine steals, and we've got to take better value of the ball."

On his message to the team following Dayton's 15-2 run to start the game:
"There are three things when I got here to Fordham I said I would improve: Number one was we would have a defensive mentality, and tonight, we certainly did. Our halfcourt defense was amazing. Secondly, I said we were going to shoot the ball better, and we're working on that, and thirdly, we were going to have value for the ball. Our value for the ball, from this year's team, is like no other I've ever coached. For us to have 14 turnovers against Dayton, it gives us no chance. I know in that first four-minute stretch, I know Joseph Chartouny had two live ball turnovers, Jesse (Bunting) had a live ball turnover. I don't remember every other possession, but we literally, to beat Dayton, this is the team picked to win the league. We can't have any live ball turnovers for the game, and we had at least three live ball turnovers in the first three minutes, so I've got to coach value better."

On Ryan Rhoomes and Ryan Canty, and possibly substituting based on offense/defense matchups:
"Ryan Canty's energy was awesome, and I talk about how our halfcourt defense was so good, well, a big part of that was how Ryan Canty came in and gave us some basket protection. He gave us some energy, he rebounded the ball. Ryan Canty really provided a lot tonight."

On Christian Sengfelder and potentially still adjusting to the new system:
"It's a fair question. I think Chris is probably a similar player this year to what he was last year, and what I mean by that is, he's a workhorse and he's just going to go pick up the scraps and find what he can. He has shot the ball very well for us from three, he came into this game shooting over 40 percent from three. He was 0-for-6 behind the line tonight, so Dayton gets some credit for that, but we definitely need Chris to stretch the defense."

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