Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seton Hall/Marquette: A Photo Gallery

Tuesday night at the Prudential Center provided us an opportunity to catch up with friend of the website and college basketball Renaissance man Ray Floriani, who was kind enough to send in another photo essay from the Golden Eagles' victory.  Without any further ado:

NEWARK, NJ - It starts in the morning with a walkthrough and shootaround. The game preparation continues through the day as coaches take a last look at film and review the scouting report. Even after pregame meal, about three hours before tipoff, there might be another brief meeting. Finally, at the game site, there is an extensive routine to get the muscles loosened and ready for action.
          At this time of the season, following all that preparation it boils down to intensity and will. Coaches still meticulously prepare but as Marquette’s Buzz Williams said following the win at Seton Hall, “following Valentine’s Day it’s about intensity and fight.”
          Marquette had plenty of that on Tuesday night at the Prudential Center. Tied at the half the Golden Eagles went on a final twenty minute 40-19 tear to defeat the struggling Pirates 67-46.
          It wasn’t about the Hall being in the wrong defense or not utilizing a specific offense. It was about not being able to respond or withstand when Marquette put their stamp on the game after halftime. 

Marquette going strong in warmups 45 minutes before tipoff:
Seton  Hall cheerleaders Alexandra (left) and Britt (right) have their own routine, greeting fans with programs:
Officials Mike Stuart and Brent Hampton discuss a few things before the start:
The "light show" introduction for Seton Hall:
Eugene Teague with the shooter's follow-through:
Finally, Marquette head coach Buzz Williams fields a postgame question:

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