Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Basketball Passport Alive And Well

We normally don't devote entire posts to shameless plugs, but today merits an exception to that rule, as Basketball Passport has finally gone public this morning, the culmination of an eight-month development process in which we are proud to have shared a small part.

During our 120-game season of live basketball last year, (game #79 to be exact) Basketball Passport co-founder and friend of the site Peter Robert Casey explained his vision to yours truly on press row at the Mack Sports Complex in Hempstead, where we were on hand to watch Hofstra defeat Old Dominion in what turned out to be the final victory for former coach Mo Cassara at the helm of the Pride. The concept of a site where fans and media alike could revisit their entire basketball viewing history, with a database that goes as far back as the 1979 national championship game, was inspired in part by the man known to his legions of fans as "PRC" coming across this piece compiled on this site over two years ago. Enter the second critical component of Basketball Passport, a tool in which one can create his or her own bucket list of arenas across the country, both in the professional and collegiate ranks, that he or she aspires to someday visit. Eight months later, with the help of Mid-Majority legend and technological genius Kyle Whelliston, Casey's brainchild is now live and functional, and also includes a road trip planner to boot.

Simple words can not truly do this site justice, so we implore you to experience it for yourself at If you're a hardcore basketball fan, NCAA, NBA, or both, you will not be disappointed.

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