Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nonconference Schedule Update

The one downside to the offseason is the lack of content for us to provide you.  In fact, had it not been for Scott Machado's postseason run with the Golden State Warriors, we would be closing in on nearly a week without any kind of coverage, which for us is unheard of, especially after our 120-game schedule this past season. Therefore, we will break the ice temporarily by getting you up to speed on the nonconference schedules of the teams that we cover, as most have made some kind of announcement of who they will play at some point during the 2013-14 season.

Some of these games obviously have yet to be accompanied by an actual date on the schedule, but the opponents are there based on what we have heard from coaches, colleagues, and the inspiration for this list, this gathering from our friends at Big Apple Buckets:

Fordham University
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Saint Francis University, (this will be the Rams' season opener) 11/12 at Syracuse, 11/15 vs. Lehigh, 11/23 vs. Sacred Heart, 11/26 at Manhattan, (this game is the 105th annual Battle of the Bronx) 12/4 vs. Furman, 12/7 vs. St. John's at Madison Square Garden, (this game is part of the Holiday Festival) 12/10 at Colgate, 12/14 vs. Howard, 12/21 at Monmouth, 12/23 vs. Loyola (Illinois), 12/28 vs. Harvard, 12/30 at Siena

Hofstra University
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Monmouth, 11/10 vs. Fairleigh Dickinson, 11/12 at Louisville, 11/19 at Richmond, 11/23 vs. Hartford at Mohegan Sun, 11/24 vs. Holy Cross or Belmont at Mohegan Sun, (both of those last two games are part of the Hall of Fame Classic) 11/30 vs. Manhattan, 12/4 vs. Sacred Heart, 12/7 at SMU, 12/15 vs. Central Connecticut State, 12/23 at Siena, 12/28 vs. George Washington, 12/30 vs. NJIT, 1/2 at Tulane, 1/5 at Fairleigh Dickinson 

Iona College
Confirmed dates: 11/9 at Cleveland State, 11/19 at Kansas, 11/23 vs. George Mason, 12/1 at Florida Gulf Coast, 12/14 vs. St. Bonaventure, 12/22 at Nevada, 12/28 at Northern Iowa

Manhattan College
Confirmed dates: 11/9 at La Salle, (this game will be the Jaspers' season opener) 11/12 at Columbia, 11/16 vs. George Washington, 11/20 at Illinois State, 11/26 vs. Fordham, (this game is the annual Battle of the Bronx) 11/30 at Hofstra, 12/15 at UNC Wilmington, 12/17 at South Carolina, 12/21 vs. Buffalo at the Barclays Center (this game will be part of the Holiday Invitational, which also includes LIU Brooklyn vs. Temple and Michigan vs. Stanford)

Marist College
Confirmed dates: 11/8 at Stony Brook, 11/13 at Saint Joseph's, 11/16 at Providence, 11/22 vs. Maryland in the Virgin Islands, 11/23 or 24 vs. Northern Iowa or Loyola Marymount in the Virgin Islands, 11/25 vs. Providence, Vanderbilt, Morgan State or La Salle in the Virgin Islands, (these games will be part of the Paradise Jam) 12/15 at College of Charleston, 12/20 vs. Bucknell, 12/22 vs. Penn

St. Francis College
Confirmed dates: 11/16 at Dayton, 11/18 at Syracuse, 11/23 at Coastal Carolina, (these games are part of the Mainland regional bracket in the Maui Invitational) 12/1 at Stony Brook, 12/10 vs. Monmouth
Confirmed with dates TBA: at Oakland, at Louisiana-Lafayette, vs. NJIT, at Army

St. John's University
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Wisconsin in Sioux Falls, SD, 11/15 vs. Wagner at Carnesecca Arena, 11/19 vs. Bucknell at Carnesecca Arena, 11/22 vs. Monmouth at Carnesecca Arena, 11/26 vs. Longwood at Carnesecca Arena, 11/29 vs. Penn State in Barclays Center Classic, 11/30 vs. Georgia Tech or Mississippi in Barclays Center Classic, 12/7 vs. Fordham at Madison Square Garden, (this game will be part of the Holiday Festival) 12/15 vs. Syracuse at Madison Square Garden, 12/18 vs. San Francisco at Carnesecca Arena, 12/21 vs. Youngstown State at Carnesecca Arena, 12/28 vs. Columbia at the Barclays Center, (this game will be part of the Brooklyn Winter Hoops Festival, which also includes Kansas State vs. Tulane and Boston College vs. Virginia Commonwealth) 1/18 vs. Dartmouth at Carnesecca Arena

Saint Peter's University
Confirmed dates: 11/17 vs. Kent State, 12/14 at Seton Hall
Confirmed with dates TBA: vs. Hampton, at LIU Brooklyn

Seton Hall University
Confirmed dates: 11/9 vs. Niagara, 11/13 vs. Kent State, 11/16 at Mercer, 11/18 vs. Monmouth, 11/22 vs. Oklahoma at the Barclays Center, 11/23 vs. Virginia Tech or Michigan State at the Barclays Center (these games are part of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, 12/1 vs. Fairleigh Dickinson, 12/5 vs. LIU Brooklyn, 12/8 at Rutgers, 12/10 vs. NJIT, 12/14 vs. Saint Peter's, 12/22 vs. Eastern Washington, 12/27 vs. Lafayette at Walsh Gyms

Siena College
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Albany, (this will be the Saints' season opener) 11/12 at Vermont, 11/16 at La Salle, 11/19 at St. Bonaventure, 11/22 vs. Cornell, 11/24 at Purdue, 11/28 vs. Memphis in Orlando, 11/29 vs. LSU or Saint Joseph's in Orlando, 12/1 in Orlando vs. TBD, (these games in Orlando will be part of the Old Spice Classic) 12/23 vs. Hofstra, 12/30 vs. Fordham 

Stony Brook University
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Marist, 11/10 vs. Haverford, 11/13 vs. Northeastern, 11/17 at Indiana, 11/22 vs. Toledo, 11/23 vs. Florida Atlantic, (these two games will be played at Dick Vitale Court at Calihan Hall in Detroit as part of a 2K Sports Classic subregional) 11/24 at Detroit, 11/26 at Canisius, 12/1 vs. St. Francis College, 12/4 vs. Fairleigh Dickinson, 12/7 vs. La Salle at Madison Square Garden, (this game will be part of the Holiday Festival) 12/19 at Loyola (Maryland), 12/22 vs. Cornell, 1/3 at Virginia Commonwealth, 1/8 at Columbia

Virginia Commonwealth University
Confirmed dates: 11/8 vs. Illinois State, 11/12 at Virginia, 11/16 vs. Winthrop, 11/21 vs. Florida State, 11/22 vs. Long Beach State or Michigan, 11/24 vs. TBD, (these first three games will be part of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off) 11/29 vs. Northeastern, 12/1 at Belmont, 12/5 vs. Eastern Kentucky, 12/8 vs. Old Dominion, 12/14 at Northern Iowa, 12/17 vs. Wofford, 12/21 vs. Virginia Tech at Richmond Coliseum, 12/28 vs. Boston College at the Barclays Center, (this game will be part of the Brooklyn Winter Hoops Festival, which also includes Kansas State vs. Tulane and St. John's vs. Columbia) 1/3 vs. Stony Brook

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