Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gonzo Gone Wild

The latest piece of the Bobby Gonzalez puzzle has been put together today with the revelation that the disgraced Seton Hall coach's profanity-laced tirade was a factor in his dismissal. (Photo courtesy of SNY)

There have been hundreds of characters in the college basketball coaching fraternity; but for better or worse, only one Bobby Gonzalez.

After his interview last week with the Newark Star-Ledger's Brendan Prunty helped shed some light on the turn of events that led to his departure from Seton Hall, the former coach is again making headlines after a report of Gonzalez launched an expletive-fueled harangue at university dean Patrick Hobbs six days before he was dismissed as the leader of the Pirates.

Through court documents obtained by SNY that are relevant to the legal matter between Gonzalez and Seton Hall, SNY's Adam Zagoria today chronicled a telephone exchange between Gonzalez and Hobbs that took place on March 11th when Hobbs called the coach to ask about an incident involving Gonzalez and a Bergen Record reporter that Gonzalez allegedly threatened. Gonzalez proceeded to defensively and vehemently tell Hobbs that "nobody is going to tell me how to run my motherf---ing program. Not you, not Monsignor, (Seton Hall president Robert Sheeran) not (athletic director) Joe Quinlan." Gonzalez repeated twice more that it was "my f---ing program," and the legal documents state that Hobbs hung up after Gonzalez finished his harangue.

Seton Hall has filed a counterclaim against Gonzalez, who is still looking for a settlement from the university after being terminated for cause on March 17th following the Pirates' NIT elimination at the hands of Texas Tech, an event that is now a footnote in the sequence of happenings that led to Seton Hall hiring Kevin Willard as its new head coach two weeks later.

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