Monday, June 7, 2010

Gonzo Breaks The Silence

Three months after being unceremoniously fired from Seton Hall, Bobby Gonzalez is finally opening up to the media about his divorce. (Photo courtesy of New York Daily News)

Attention, college basketball world: Bobby Gonzalez is back.

That's right, the colorful Gonzalez, who was recently dismissed by Seton Hall this past March, has finally gone public about the events leading to his divorce from the Pirates, addressing some key elements of the relationship in an exclusive interview with Brendan Prunty of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Gonzalez, who has filed a lawsuit against the university for breach of contract, explained some of the reasoning behind his methods in the interview with Prunty, while at the same time saying Seton Hall president Msgr. Robert Sheeran should "be ashamed of himself" after how the Gonzalez dilemma was handled. The coach was fired on March 17th following an NIT loss to Texas Tech in an ugly game where Pirates forward Herb Pope was ejected for a low blow on a Texas Tech player. Gonzalez was replaced two weeks later by former Iona coach Kevin Willard.

While Gonzalez also mentioned in the interview that Seton Hall "had the right" to fire him, but is still disgruntled about the university upholding its decision to terminate him with cause. The ex-coach is also confident that he will be hired again somewhere, but hopes that Seton Hall will honor his contract before anything else is made official.

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