Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scott Machado Summer League Recap

Scott Machado saved his best for last with 20-point, 6-assist performance that all but assured him stronger chance of playing in NBA next season.  (Photo courtesy of Adam Zagoria via

The Houston Rockets' recent acquisition of Jeremy Lin seemed to hinder the opportunity for their Summer League point guard to earn a spot on the roster.  However, as he has done seemingly throughout his career, Scott Machado has let his performance speak otherwise.

As was the case during his four years at Iona, Machado got better the more he saw the court, even starting the last two of his five games for the Rockets' squad in Las Vegas this week.  After starting out somewhat slow, which can be attributed to not playing competitively since Iona's NCAA Tournament loss to Brigham Young in March, Machado improved his productivity and playing time gradually in every game.  Following his two-point, five-assist debut in 19 minutes against Toronto, Machado turned up the volume to the tune of four points and three rebounds in 21 minutes against Washington, and six points and ten assists in 23 minutes against Sacramento in his final outing off the bench.  When Scott finally replaced Courtney Fortson in the Rockets' starting lineup, he not only excelled, but made backcourt partner Jeremy Lamb into a more efficient player.  Machado's initial start against Portland resulted in an eight-point, six-assist, three-steal outing in 31 minutes, while his grand finale against Chicago was something Iona fans were accustomed to seeing on a weeknight at the Hynes Center.  In 34 minutes, Scott put together his finest performance at the professional level; going for 20 points, six assists and four steals on 6-of-14 shooting, while also managing to procure two offensive rebounds in Houston's 99-88 win over the Bulls.

With averages of eight points and 5.6 assists per game, Machado's 39 percent shooting clip is not only offset, but it gives him solid numbers for an NBA point guard of his caliber and potential.  For those still skeptical of what Machado can do for you offensively, just remember that All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo averaged just over six points and under four assists in his rookie season while shooting 42 percent from the field.  On top of that, former two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash did not average more than ten points or six assists per game until his fifth year in the league, and both Nash and Rondo are still regarded to be among the best at their position in the professional ranks.

This may have been a five-game tryout, but the numbers indicate that should he be fortunate enough to make it onto an NBA roster; something that should not be hard to do, Scott Machado has the bright and promising future that anyone who saw an Iona game over the last four years was able to conclude almost instantaneously.

Now, we just have to wait for the cream to once again rise to the top once Machado gets another chance to show off his talent in the preseason.

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