Monday, July 5, 2010

For He's An Ollie Good Fellow

Kevin Ollie is driving in a different direction, this time as the new assistant to Jim Calhoun at UConn. (Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated)

What's a college basketball offseason without some news about the Huskies?

UConn has always made headlines for better or worse at this time of year, be it for recruiting new players or the ever-present rumors of head coach Jim Calhoun's much-discussed retirement, which has again been put on hold. This year, however, UConn is in the papers and on the websites to reintroduce a former member of the program as he makes his return in a different capacity.

Kevin Ollie, a former Calhoun player who graced the backcourt for the Huskies alongside Ray Allen, has returned to the Huskies following a productive NBA career. Ollie, 37, will join Calhoun's staff as an assistant coach; announcing his retirement from the NBA after a twelve-year career that concluded last season as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ollie replaces Pat Sellers, who was forced to resign in the wake of an NCAA investigation involving former UConn recruit Nate Miles. In addition to Ollie, Glen Miller replaces Beau Archibald as the other new member of the staff, becoming the Huskies' director of basketball operations. Miller is also a former Calhoun pupil, having played under the Hall of Fame coach at Northeastern in the 1980s before Calhoun built Connecticut into the national powerhouse it has been for nearly two decades.

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